The world’s first multi-functional integrated chip – spherical silica powder played a major role

Among them, spherical silica powder used as filler can greatly improve the product’s rigidity, wear resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, pressure resistance, tensile resistance, flame resistance, good arc resistance, insulation properties and ultraviolet radiation resistance. The epoxy resin molding compound filled with spherical silica powder has a small thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient. When used as a microelectronic component substrate and packaging, the filling rate can reach 90%. It can be an ideal substrate material for large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits. Packaging materials.


Recently, the integrated circuit team of Tsinghua University developed the world’s first fully system-integrated memristor storage and computing integrated chip that supports efficient on-chip learning (machine learning can be completed directly on the hardware side) based on the integrated storage and computing paradigm. A breakthrough has been made in learning memristor storage and calculation integrated chips, which is expected to promote the development of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving wearable devices and other fields. Relevant results were published online in the latest issue of “Science.”

The chip contains all circuit modules necessary to support complete on-chip learning and has completed various on-chip incremental learning function verifications such as image classification, speech recognition, and control tasks, demonstrating high adaptability, high energy efficiency, high versatility, and high accuracy. Other features effectively strengthen the learning and adaptability of smart devices in practical application scenarios. Under the same task, the chip’s energy consumption for on-chip learning is only 3% of that of an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) system under advanced technology. It shows excellent energy efficiency advantages and has great application potential to meet the high computing power needs of the artificial intelligence era. Breaking through the energy efficiency bottleneck under von Neumann’s traditional computing architecture provides an innovative development path.

The investor relations activity record disclosed on May 15, 2023, shows that with the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, emerging application scenarios have increased requirements for the performance and power consumption of semiconductor products, promoting the transformation of semiconductor products from traditional packaging to advanced packaging. The demand for an advanced packaging market will maintain a relatively high growth rate, and the proportion of advanced packaging materials used by packaging companies will also increase, resulting in intelligent upgrades and strong market demand for thermally conductive materials. Driven by the rapid development of electronic information such as 5G communications, consumer electronics and automotive electronics, the global demand for spherical silica powder is expected to maintain rapid growth in terms of thermal interface materials, thermal conductive adhesives for new energy vehicle power batteries and photovoltaic cells The rapid growth in demand for additives will rapidly drive the growth in demand for high thermal conductivity powder materials such as spherical alumina powder.

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